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Electric film heating environmental protection

Electric film heating environmental protection, convenient, but how to use to save money?
First of all, we must know the principle of electric heating membrane heating: a house has been built, it is at a high indoor temperature, such as 20 degrees, outdoor temperature 0 degrees, the house itself has a certain amount of heat, the room did When heating, a certain amount of heat is dissipated. If the amount of heat dissipated by heating exceeds the amount of heat consumed by the house, the temperature will be fixed at the designed temperature. If the amount of heat dissipated is less than the heat consumed by the room, the room temperature will be lower than the design temperature.
It is also very wasteful for office workers to have no one at home during the daytime. Therefore, many people think that when people leave, they turn off the floor heating. However, based on actual experience and theoretical calculations, regardless of whether someone is at home or not, it is better to warm up the electric heating membrane than to leave it warm. The method of warm opening is much more economical, because when you first start heating, the interior of the room is first The wall begins to absorb heat, which is quite large. When the wall absorbs heat almost, the heat is only needed to supplement the heat of the heat to reach equilibrium. At this time, the amount of heat needed is much smaller. Of course, a more economical approach may be this: When people go, the indoor temperature is controlled to 13-15 degrees. After the person returns home, the indoor temperature is controlled to 18-20 degrees. Moreover, this kind of warming is also very fast. Within 10 minutes, it will reach a temperature of 18-20, but when the cold starts again, the 100-square-foot house will be at least 2 hours, and it will consume more energy. Of course, in the case that the house will be empty for more than 3 days, that is, in the case of heating electric film for a few days, it is recommended that the heating be turned off.
Of course, heating film heating costs in addition to the above-mentioned major factors, there are problems with the use of habits, such as: open floor heating, but long open windows, or, some people like the room temperature 22 degrees or more (usually more comfortable temperature It should be 18-20 degrees), which is the reason for the increase in heating costs.
Xi'an Huayang Electric Heating Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Xi'an, the ancient capital of the thirteenth dynasty. The registered capital of the company is 12 million yuan. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating the development, production, processing, design, construction and maintenance of thermal film.
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